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I’ll be leaving the Bean Stock

I’ll be leaving the bean stock, where I thought I’ll be enjoying the opportunity. Well I did somehow yet, there’s something pushing me back. I enjoy providing the needs of the customers. But there’s something I’m not quite sure about. I applied as barista for a purpose. I wanted to prove my parents that I can be independent well yes I can, and I would like to provide my daily needs, for some issues. I was hired, and I’m overjoyed. When it was my first day, I can’t even smile. I was nervous and not feeling the store at the same time. Im not sure why. I feel kinda lost, unsure. I love making the coffees and being at the bar. I know maybe someday I’ll regret losing or giving up this opportunity. I told my boyfriend, the why’s and Im not quite sure if she understand, btw he also applied as barista in the Rustan’s Company. Going back, she said I had the time it’s just I don’t have the enough discipline, just like what I said to her about the why’s. Yes I do, but Im having a hard time balancing somethings, I’ts true. I have lack of discipline, I can’t even wake up early for school, how about work then?. although I handle my schedule at work. but there is really a things that holding me back. which is very hard for me to explain.


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