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I left the Bean Stock

I already left the Bean, maybe for others It’s a huge loss but for me it a bit loss because it’s a great opportunity and it is also relief for I realize that I still have some priorities, I stopped studying 1st semester, so I did had the time, but I’ll be coming back to school this coming 2nd semester so I won’t be able to balance somethings out. It takes a lot of thinking and realization, myself, my parents, and my partner, my academics, how will I survive my course and goals as my priorities. I commit myself to work yet I wasn’t able to take responsibilities for it, a huge loss and regret yet I learned. πŸ™‚ I still do hope that someday I’ll be one of the partners again in Starbucks Coffee. πŸ™‚ (by any chance) hehe.

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I’ll be leaving the Bean Stock

I’ll be leaving the bean stock, where I thought I’ll be enjoying the opportunity. Well I did somehow yet, there’s something pushing me back. I enjoy providing the needs of the customers. But there’s something I’m not quite sure about. I applied as barista for a purpose. I wanted to prove my parents that I can be independent well yes I can, and I would like to provide my daily needs, for some issues. I was hired, and I’m overjoyed. When it was my first day, I can’t even smile. I was nervous and not feeling the store at the same time. Im not sure why. I feel kinda lost, unsure. I love making the coffees and being at the bar. I know maybe someday I’ll regret losing or giving up this opportunity. I told my boyfriend, the why’s and Im not quite sure if she understand, btw he also applied as barista in the Rustan’s Company. Going back, she said I had the time it’s just I don’t have the enough discipline, just like what I said to her about the why’s. Yes I do, but Im having a hard time balancing somethings, I’ts true. I have lack of discipline, I can’t even wake up early for school, how about work then?. although I handle my schedule at work. but there is really a things that holding me back. which is very hard for me to explain.

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Meet Maoi β™₯

Meet my adopted cat, from Makati.

He is Maoi, a tabby orange cat. An Domestic Arabian Mau, feline.

I adopted him when he was 3 months, and now he is 4 months old. I named him Maoi because he kept on meowing, looking for his Mama and 3 sisters. He is the only boy in the family he was in. When I adopted him, I was so eager to have him as soon as possible. So I booked an Uber going somewhere in Makati. I forgot the place. 😦 haha! But I know it is an grocery store or a mall. HAHA! His name was back thenΒ “Ponkan” but he is not used to his name. Then my boyfriend and I named him Maoi, we both had the Idea :”) hihi.

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I won’t lose hope :)

Okay so eto na…

its been a months? I think. since my last post. πŸ™‚ so HI! Im back, and Im struggling for some reason. Im not sure if this is all about this world of Academia :–( or it is just me?. I got so many plans, for my future with bae. But, there’s something missing. I don’t know what. The support of my family to me for Im being in a relationship with a lesbian. Bish, you read that right. πŸ™‚ Im inlove and Im in a relation with a lesbian and that’s Jap πŸ™‚ β™₯. they just don’t get my point, since highschool I knew I was like this, for I do really appreciate and adore beautiful faces to women, pero di talo – lasunan bes? haha! ayaw ko ng mas maganda sakin πŸ˜› =)). so going back, so yes kami ni Jap at lesbian siya at ako ay lipstick lesbian dahil, Im not interested into guys. so ayun na nga, meron akong struggle this past few months? days? haha ewan! basta yun =)). well for you to know, hindi madali beshy! 😦 dahil yes, naapektuhan ako sa acads at nahihirapan ako magisip ng maayos dahil madami akong iniisip. Pero, I still have support of my most favorite auntie and a year younger uncle ☺β™₯. So yes, Im surviving and Im trying to bind my sh*ts together, at life, acads, family, friends, and one only my relationship ☺β™₯.

give me advice and ask me anything. πŸ™‚

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Beloved Max

Baket ngayon pa? ngayon pang hindi kami okay ng Bae at ang accompany niya lang isa yung pusa niya. Who named Max, he was so special, double special if you were in my case. Hindi lang siya yung basta bastang pusa na palakad lakad sa bahay, he also gives all his presence to us. Lalo pag gabe, at lalabas kami ni Jap. Walang araw na hindi bumuntot samin ni Jap si Maxie. Lalabas siya, paglalabas kami pero hangganh gate lang o gate ng kapit bahay. Aantayin niya kami hanggang sa makabalik kami. He seek so much attention, lingkis dito, lingkis dyan. At marunong siyang magalit, lalo pag naamoy niya na may ibang hayop kaming hinawakan. He’ll start meowing and meowing, yung malakas with a tone of nagrreklamo. He is really special to us, lalo na sa boyfriend ko si Jap. Last night, I was in their house for I know for sure na sobrang masakit sakanya, I waited and i waited for her, nakauwi siya mga mag 4am in the morning na. And sobrang kita ko sa mukha ni Bae na sobrang lungkot niya. Dahil nawalan ng buhay si Max sa braso niya, nabundol si Max ng white car sa street nila, neighbours says ngayon lang daw nila nakita yung puting kotseng yon. Di na nawalan ng peace of mind yung taong pinakamamahal ko. Ayaw namin palampasin yung kotseng sumagasa sa pusa niya. Going back, nakauwi na si Bae at nasalubong ko siya. Pagpasok niya she was griefing sa pagkawala ni Max :–( its too much pain for her. Maxie always brigthen up our days. Siya yung nagiisang orange dito na nagbbigay kulay sa mga hayop, dahil super playful niya. I just hope, 1 baby orange of my Minnie’s kitten is maging kaugali ni Max. 

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Bae day! (Makati City)

Testing 1..2..3 okay english, no taglish! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

&& action!!

Bae and I headed out to Makati, for a coffee (shala! Makati para sa kape HAHAHA! Meron naman sa Cubao πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ» **ehem** de maiba naman ng ambiance.) so the truth is talagang pupunta ako ng Makati, at syempre nagpasama lang ako sa beybi ko! Hihi ❀ *hearts everywhere* kase may babayaran ako, at patay ako kay pujay pag di ko nagawa yon. Hehehe πŸ˜…. So after kong magbayad, nag SB kami ni bae :”) for a quality time, lage naman bae day eh pero mas bae day pag lalabas kami, at pag nasa bahay lang kami. So yun we just had our coffee tas Pizza SNR hihi. After namin magcoffee, naglaboy laboy na kami hihi. And pinayagan niya ko bumili ng eyelash curler lol! *babaw* because yes, Im evolving. Haha! So ayun, shinare ko lang! β™₯️

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When in Batangas (One Laiya)✨

First batangas with my bae. πŸ’•

Our plan should be in bora, or el nido palawan. Yet, we didn’t able to find any trip that we can afford “pasok sa budget” haha! We planned, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Anawangin, Calatagan, and Zambales. And we just couldn’t make up our mind. We also planned to have trip together in hongkong or taipei, and still we couldn’t afford it. Will try again next time :—). So here we ended up in Laiya San Juan, Batangas. πŸ’• with some new friends.

We sure had fun, at first we didn’t, but in the end we actually did. :—).

Here’s how to go in Laiya, San Juan Batangas.

Ride a taxi or book an uber to ALPS Liner along Edsa Cubao. 

And ride a Bus to San Juan Batangas. If your a student, present an ID for a discount. My boyfriend and I presented an ID so our fare is β‚½318 for the both of us, which is β‚½159 each. If you were not be able present an ID your fare will be around β‚½170+ not sure. 

The ride will took 3-4hours or 4hours and half depending on the traffic. The bus will stop in their terminal so its cubao terminal – san juan terminal. 

Drop off to San Juan and walk to jollibee across the street and there you will be able to find tricycle to Laiya there are a lot of resort you’ll able to find in San Juan it’s better to Google Laiya Batangas first for the affordable resorts. Our ride took 30mins – 45mins and it cost β‚½550 for 2 tricycles, which cost β‚½138 each person. The price depends on how many you are going.

And tell the driver to drop you off to the resort where you planned to booked in.

It will be much better if you bring your own food im sure that there will be an grill where you can cook barbeque and other.

–> you must read first all the inclusions in the resorts you’d like to book in for you to know how much it will all cost.

Have a nice trip and enjoy πŸ‘‹πŸ»