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I left the Bean Stock

I already left the Bean, maybe for others It’s a huge loss but for me its was just a bit loss because it’s a great opportunity and it is also relief for I realize that I still have some priorities, I stopped studying 1st semester, so I did had the time, but I’ll be coming back to school this coming 2nd semester so I won’t be able to balance somethings out. It takes a lot of thinking and realization, myself, my parents, and my partner, my academics, how will I survive my course and goals as my priorities. I commit myself to work yet I wasn’t able to take responsibilities for it, a huge loss and regret yet I learned. 🙂 I still do hope that someday I’ll be one of the partners again in Starbucks Coffee. 🙂 (by any chance) hehe.

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I’ll be leaving the Bean Stock

I’ll be leaving the bean stock, where I thought I’ll be enjoying the opportunity. Well I did somehow yet, there’s something pushing me back. I enjoy providing the needs of the customers. But there’s something I’m not quite sure about. I applied as barista for a purpose. I wanted to prove my parents that I can be independent well yes I can, and I would like to provide my daily needs, for some issues. I was hired, and I’m overjoyed. When it was my first day, I can’t even smile. I was nervous and not feeling the store at the same time. Im not sure why. I feel kinda lost, unsure. I love making the coffees and being at the bar. I know maybe someday I’ll regret losing or giving up this opportunity. I told my boyfriend, the why’s and Im not quite sure if she understand, btw he also applied as barista in the Rustan’s Company. Going back, she said I had the time it’s just I don’t have the enough discipline, just like what I said to her about the why’s. Yes I do, but Im having a hard time balancing somethings, I’ts true. I have lack of discipline, I can’t even wake up early for school, how about work then?. although I handle my schedule at work. but there is really a things that holding me back. which is very hard for me to explain.

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Why is that so? :–((

Taglish to haha!

I was in my summer class in subject of tourism law, and bill of rights then my professor was talking about Articles where each article has a specific rule and role in our country. I love my country, Im proud to be a filipino. Yet I keep thinking, some foreigners says that filipinos are very hospitable, which true, but something came out in my mind, hospitable ang mga filipino sa foreigners yet pag mismo sa kapwa nila walang ng hospitality na nagaganap. Where you can see, tinitingnan pa ng mga local ang kapwa nila filipino, mula ulo hanggang paa and start judging. Is hospitality is only applied for the international only and locally wala?. Then sabe ng iba, pag pumunta ka sa ibang bansa mararamdaman daw ang discrimination, baket sa bansang mismo tinatayuan mo ba eh di mo dama ang discrimination?. Mapa rich kid or hindi naddiscriminate slash judged, mapa LGBTQ ramdam din. Which is tao din naman. And baket hindi naapply ang pagiging filipino sa kapwa filipino. Baket sa foreigner lang?. And yung laws hindi naiimplent sa bansa. :–(( i just keep thinking. Baga sa sabe ng iba, Catholic tayo, pero mahirap maging catholic. Di ko dinadamay yung religion sa post na to, sinasabe ko lang yung mga sabe sabe ng ibang tao. Is this realizations or what.