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I won’t lose hope :)

Okay so eto na…

its been a months? I think. since my last post. 🙂 so HI! Im back, and Im struggling for some reason. Im not sure if this is all about this world of Academia :–( or it is just me?. I got so many plans, for my future with bae. But, there’s something missing. I don’t know what. The support of my family to me for Im being in a relationship with a lesbian. Bish, you read that right. 🙂 Im inlove and Im in a relation with a lesbian and that’s Jap 🙂 ♥. they just don’t get my point, since highschool I knew I was like this, for I do really appreciate and adore beautiful faces to women, pero di talo – lasunan bes? haha! ayaw ko ng mas maganda sakin 😛 =)). so going back, so yes kami ni Jap at lesbian siya at ako ay lipstick lesbian dahil, Im not interested into guys. so ayun na nga, meron akong struggle this past few months? days? haha ewan! basta yun =)). well for you to know, hindi madali beshy! 😦 dahil yes, naapektuhan ako sa acads at nahihirapan ako magisip ng maayos dahil madami akong iniisip. Pero, I still have support of my most favorite auntie and a year younger uncle ☺♥. So yes, Im surviving and Im trying to bind my sh*ts together, at life, acads, family, friends, and one only my relationship ☺♥.

give me advice and ask me anything. 🙂

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Why is that so? :–((

Taglish to haha!

I was in my summer class in subject of tourism law, and bill of rights then my professor was talking about Articles where each article has a specific rule and role in our country. I love my country, Im proud to be a filipino. Yet I keep thinking, some foreigners says that filipinos are very hospitable, which true, but something came out in my mind, hospitable ang mga filipino sa foreigners yet pag mismo sa kapwa nila walang ng hospitality na nagaganap. Where you can see, tinitingnan pa ng mga local ang kapwa nila filipino, mula ulo hanggang paa and start judging. Is hospitality is only applied for the international only and locally wala?. Then sabe ng iba, pag pumunta ka sa ibang bansa mararamdaman daw ang discrimination, baket sa bansang mismo tinatayuan mo ba eh di mo dama ang discrimination?. Mapa rich kid or hindi naddiscriminate slash judged, mapa LGBTQ ramdam din. Which is tao din naman. And baket hindi naapply ang pagiging filipino sa kapwa filipino. Baket sa foreigner lang?. And yung laws hindi naiimplent sa bansa. :–(( i just keep thinking. Baga sa sabe ng iba, Catholic tayo, pero mahirap maging catholic. Di ko dinadamay yung religion sa post na to, sinasabe ko lang yung mga sabe sabe ng ibang tao. Is this realizations or what.