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I’ll be leaving the Bean Stock

I’ll be leaving the bean stock, where I thought I’ll be enjoying the opportunity. Well I did somehow yet, there’s something pushing me back. I enjoy providing the needs of the customers. But there’s something I’m not quite sure about. I applied as barista for a purpose. I wanted to prove my parents that I can be independent well yes I can, and I would like to provide my daily needs, for some issues. I was hired, and I’m overjoyed. When it was my first day, I can’t even smile. I was nervous and not feeling the store at the same time. Im not sure why. I feel kinda lost, unsure. I love making the coffees and being at the bar. I know maybe someday I’ll regret losing or giving up this opportunity. I told my boyfriend, the why’s and Im not quite sure if she understand, btw he also applied as barista in the Rustan’s Company. Going back, she said I had the time it’s just I don’t have the enough discipline, just like what I said to her about the why’s. Yes I do, but Im having a hard time balancing somethings, I’ts true. I have lack of discipline, I can’t even wake up early for school, how about work then?. although I handle my schedule at work. but there is really a things that holding me back. which is very hard for me to explain.

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I won’t lose hope :)

Okay so eto na…

its been a months? I think. since my last post. 🙂 so HI! Im back, and Im struggling for some reason. Im not sure if this is all about this world of Academia :–( or it is just me?. I got so many plans, for my future with bae. But, there’s something missing. I don’t know what. The support of my family to me for Im being in a relationship with a lesbian. Bish, you read that right. 🙂 Im inlove and Im in a relation with a lesbian and that’s Jap 🙂 ♥. they just don’t get my point, since highschool I knew I was like this, for I do really appreciate and adore beautiful faces to women, pero di talo – lasunan bes? haha! ayaw ko ng mas maganda sakin 😛 =)). so going back, so yes kami ni Jap at lesbian siya at ako ay lipstick lesbian dahil, Im not interested into guys. so ayun na nga, meron akong struggle this past few months? days? haha ewan! basta yun =)). well for you to know, hindi madali beshy! 😦 dahil yes, naapektuhan ako sa acads at nahihirapan ako magisip ng maayos dahil madami akong iniisip. Pero, I still have support of my most favorite auntie and a year younger uncle ☺♥. So yes, Im surviving and Im trying to bind my sh*ts together, at life, acads, family, friends, and one only my relationship ☺♥.

give me advice and ask me anything. 🙂